Branding can be a daunting task for business owners, especially if you are less than design savvy. When deciding how to visually present your business, it usually seems to come down to “well I like the color green?” Here’s something you need to know when branding your business: Your website is not for you. It’s not about you or what you like.

Your website is for your clients.

Color can impact mood and behavior and is a form of communication onto its own. When branding your business, you will need to choose a color scheme that best represents your business, as well as appeals to your target market.

Graphic Design Firm in ColoradoHere a few of the common colors and what concepts they represent.

Blue: trustworthy, success and security. Blue is most often used in banks and financial services.

Green: organic, natural, money, new

Red: love, passion, strength, aggression and danger

Yellow: bright, energetic, joyful, warmth

Orange: friendly, creative, courageous, youthful

Purple: authority, quality, sophication

Pink: youth, happy, playful

Black: dramatic, mysterious formal, classic

Gray: respect, stability, practical

Brown: earthy, organic, conservative, reserved

White: light, goodness, purity, innocence

Tan: conservative, neutral, grounded