Google Authorship. Have you seen it before? It’s fairly new but occasionally you will see a small photo next to a google result. This is Google Authorship. Basically, this is a verified link between your website content and your Google+ profile.

If you have a blog, you may have heard about content scrapping. This is when another blog, unrelated to yours, will repost your content with, or occasionally without, your permission. Blogging takes work, no question of that. So likely you don’t want people stealing it. Verifying the true author of a post allows users to trust the content, while building up a brand name for yourself.

Not only does it give your blog posts a google stamp of approval, it will make your result stand out! Photos capture your eye in a way general text cannot. Why not have photo branding as well as text-based branding?

Google tells you exactly how to do it in an article here and when you have finished, you can preview it here. Keep in mind that it may take time to go into effect and they don’t guarantee they will show the photo.