Speaker 1: Hey guys, welcome back. Hanging out with Kristy Lee from KL Creative Design. First of all, let’s just tell everybody what KL Creative Design is.

Kristy Lee: KL Creative Design is a full service web development group. We do everything web related and mobile related.

Speaker 1: OK. Now, the reason that I know about Kristy Lee is because we actually when we first moved here about, … well, really long time ago. We taught snowboarding together over in Breckenridge but obviously have moved on to other things. Kristy Lee actually happens to be redoing our website right now here at TV8 Summit. Still have some things to do but certainly needs some improvement. Besides just revamping an entire website, what are some other things that might be good for some small businesses out there that they could really help that would be web related?

Kristy Lee: Right, well you can definitely do some marketing. We’ve got search engine optimization, we would do general optimization of your website. We also, depending on your business and what you’re looking for, we also offer mobile apps. Those can also be a fantastic way to reach out to new customers, to reconnect with your clients and to keep them loyal to you, as well.

Speaker 1: OK. Definitely a lot of different things. Well, let’s kind of back things up. When it comes to mobile apps and mobile websites, what’s the difference?

Kristy Lee: A mobile app is something that lives on your phone. It’s coded in a different language and it’s presented to you via the app store, only the app store. Whereas a mobile website is you navigating to your website with your mobile phone.

Speaker 1: A mobile website is actually different than what you would …

Kristy Lee: It is.

Speaker 1: … typically have on …

Kristy Lee: Yes.

Speaker 1: … your computer. How so?

Kristy Lee: Your mobile website is just the mobile version of your website. The content is slightly optimized, but it’s technically the same website. Whereas a mobile app you can do a lot of different things with it. You can send notifications to your clients, if someone has it on there and you got a sale coming up, you can tell them about it with something called a push notification. Which comes up almost like a little text message or any one of those banner notifications on there and you can talk to them that way. They can interact even without internet, as well. It’s a whole ‘nother way to interact with your clients.

Speaker 1: OK. Now when it comes to the mobile websites, if it’s just the same thing as your regular website, why do you need one?

Kristy Lee: Well you would want that because the last thing you want to do is have somebody go to your website and get turned off because they can’t find what they’re looking for or certain technologies do not work on the mobile phones.

Speaker 1: Hmm.

Kristy Lee: Sometimes the content needs to be rearranged or the screen is super zoomed out and you get this tiny little version of it. We would make it so that way everything is right at their fingertips. It’s optimized for the smaller screen. Optimized for what content they are more likely to be looking for and it just works better them for them.

Speaker 1: Got you. Basically just making it so that people don’t immediately just turn away because I think we all know how that works now like you’re looking something up, if you can’t find it, like OK on to the next thing.

Kristy Lee: Right. Exactly.

Speaker 1: You guys are local, which is fantastic. Right here in Summit County., so you don’t have to go down to the front range to get these kind of services. How would you recommend that somebody maybe get in touch with you? How do they get started with either redesigning their website? Maybe ..

Kristy Lee: Mm-hmm.

Speaker 1: … just looking into mobile apps or mobile website;, how do they do it?

Kristy Lee: Well, we can sit down and talk about it. If you have a project in mind, I offer a free project consultation where I will sit down for 30 minutes and discuss your project and I can offer you some advice and some steps to move forward. What you might need to do to get ready. We have that. You can also check out my website at KLCreativedesign.com.

Speaker 1 All right. You guys, great way to get started. Non-intimidating, you can ask all those questions, you can kind of see where to begin and you have that free consultation. Thanks for coming in this morning, always a pleasure to see you.

Kristy Lee: Yes.

Speaker 1: We’re going to take a break here on Summit Sunrise, we have more coming your way on this week long edition.