Small Business Marketing with mobile appsHow do you communicate with your clients and potential clients? Do you ever feel like you are shouting in a loud crowded room? Using cans on a string? Carrier pidgeon? What if you could get your message directly at the fingertips of your clients, exactly when it is most relevant to them?

A mobile app can do just that.

Push notifications are a feature of smart phones, that allow an app to push up a notice (similar to a text message) directly to the lock screen of the phone, forcing a user to respond.

Tell them about sales, send a 24 hour coupon, track previous purchases, the possibilities are endless. And with the newest iPhone software update, it gets even better.

Marketing with mobile appsiBeacon is a new framework for iOS 7. iBeacon allows you to communicate with a phone when it is within a specific range of you. Starbucks uses this (although sometimes annoyingly). If you walk by a Starbucks, you might get a notification on your phone that you are near a Starbucks and to stroll on in.

So how can you use iBeacon for your small business?

I’m sure you are starting to see the benefit. iBeacon is the digital version of a guy in a sandwich board on the street corner. A customer walks by your store and iBeacon automatically sends out a notification for a 10% coupon or a notification of today’s featured product.

Previously, push notifications had to be scheduled and you had to guess when would be a good time for the client to receive the notification. They might be sleeping, they might be on vacation. Now you can send it when it is most relevant to them, when they are right there in front of you.

This feature is incredibility powerful, as well as cost effective. Decrease staff overhead by using an automated service. Maximize the potential of impulse buyers. Again, endless.

Leave us a comment and tell us how you would use a mobile app to market your business!