According to google, the majority local searches happen on the mobile phone. Think about that for a minute. The next logical step to that is that people who are locally searching for your small business are viewing your website on their mobile phone.

Now think about what your site looks like on a mobile phone.

Why does my small business need a mobile websiteGoogle reports that smartphones have become our primary vehicle for shopping. Mobile traffic accounts for between 15-30% of internet traffic. This means 1 in 3 users are viewing your site on a mobile phone! If trends continue, smartphones will be the most common way people browse the internet in less than 2 years!

On the flip side, 80% of small business websites are NOT optimized for the mobile device. Most desktop sites force users to pinch, zoom and hunt for what they want, are awkward and clumsy and make users wait….wait….wait. While desktop users are often browsing aimlessly, sitting comfortably on their couch, mobile users have a clear purpose. They know what they want. When encountering an awkward mobile experience (and let’s face it even the best desktops sites are barely functional on the mobile phone), they are quickly turned off. 40% of users report leaving a site, never to return because of a poor mobile experience. Don’t forget, your website, whether desktop or mobile is the first impression of your business!

Why does my small business need a mobile websiteConvinced yet?

We hope you are. The KLCD team can help your business stay ahead of the competition. Our websites focus on the desktop AND mobile experience, to give your business the best standing possible to succeed.