I had a potential client ask me recently if KL Creative offers any guarantees or can warranty any specific SEO results such as rankings or traffic. We don’t. Here’s why.

Short answer, taken straight from Google’s own website about SEO: It’s not possible.

Guarenteed SEO results

No one can guarantee a specific result within Google. And Google warns against SEOs (short for search engine optimizers) that do. The fact of the matter is that google is secretive. While they do offer guidelines and directives, they don’t release a lot about their algorithms for fear that it will be used for evil.

Unfortunately, the SEO world is riddled with companies who have scammed unsuspecting business owners.

Every day, I hear more and more stories. Stories about how they falsified analytics, paid for traffic to a website (which does nothing for conversions), created fake pages that started out strong only to tank in the ranking once Google figured out what was going on, unnatural link schemes, the list goes on. More often than not, SEO scams hurt more than your wallet. If a company is using less than reputable tactics to increase traffic, you can and will be negatively ranked or even removed from rankings by search engines!

Here’s the truth:

SEO (search engine optimization, confusing I know) is marketing. It is an art form, not a science. And marketing is often trial and error. What worked last week, might not work this week. What worked for your friend might not work for you! Whether it be content marketing, social media, keywording or pay per click, each SEO plan should be hand tailored to your business. SEO, like marketing, can be time consuming, difficult to measure and an uphill road.

Here’s what we do guarantee: our experience and our hard work. We can guarantee that the KL Creative team will combine their extensive knowledge, years of experience and hard work to drive more traffic to your site, increase conversions to help your business succeed.

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