Lindsey: Hello everyone. I’m in the studio here with Kristy Lee from KL Creative Design. Welcome. Tell us about KL Creative Design.

Kristy Lee: KL Creative Design is a web development firm with a focus on mobile development.

Lindsey: Let’s talk about social media and marketing, how everyone can benefit from that?

Kristy Lee: Social media marketing basically is marketing yourself, on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. We’ll do programs like that. Usually, we like to hand tailor them, according to the business. Some things work better for other business, like crafts do great on Pinterest. LinkedIn are great for business to business. Whereas Facebook is great for business to consumer.

We’ll discuss different ways to tweet, what to tweet about, how to schedule it out, and how to market yourself on the social media sites.

Lindsey: That’s really the way to go to help increase your business as well.

Kristy Lee: Right, it’s an excellent advertising. Again, I think the statistics are 1 in 8 minutes, people spend on Facebook. 1 in 8 minutes, they’re on Facebook. That’s where the people are, that’s where you should be as well, for a business. Again, we’re finding that more and more people are surprised at how often they should be doing this. We suggest 1 to 3 tweets, I’m sorry, 1 to 3 Facebook posts a day and 5 to 10 tweets a day. Different ratios of different strategies for each one. How often you should be on these sites. How to present yourself and be a presence, without being annoying, basically.

Lindsey: Right and that’s a way to network too, world wide.

Kristy Lee: Right.

Lindsey: It also increases your business as well. We talked before, earlier, about SEO content. That can correlate with that as well, right?

Kristy Lee: Right. It can be part of SEO because Google Plus is a big part of this. It’s supported by Google. If you post an article on Google Plus, it is indexed in less than 6 seconds. That is lightening fast. That means that Google already knows about it and can start promoting it for you. Whereas for normal content, it can take days, for it to be indexed. Again, if you’re promoting on the social media sites, it is going to be ranked higher, and more quickly found, as well.

Lindsey: Awesome. We talked before, because I mentioned my Mom shopping and everything. You said that you can literally do websites for anyone. It doesn’t just have to be in some [county 02:36]. If you’re visiting and you’re going to go back home, to wherever it may be, stop in. Check it out. Get it started here. It’s the best way to go about it. The SEO content, promoting yourself as well. What else would this also benefit us with?

Kristy Lee: For the social media? It’s great for your search engine optimization. It’s great for promotion. It’s great for reach. If you’ve got, running a sale, or you’re anything like that, you’re promoting a new product. You can feature that, on there as well. We also suggest that you do a lot of industry related news, not just self-serving.

Actually, for every 1 self-serving post, you want to do about 4 or 5 industry related ones, or communicating with other people. Again, this presents you as being an expert in your field. It presents you as being someone who knows what you’re talking about and a part of the industry. That’s great for your overall image as well.

Lindsey: Yeah, I think so too. We’ll get him some tweets going. That’s awesome, too. We talked about before that, in general, if you want to do your own website, you can just provide an outline for them. If you want to completely have you control it, you can do that as well.

Kristy Lee: Right.

Lindsey: It’s just a great way for people to get out there and try that. Tell us about how you got started. We talked about that last time. It was kind of intriguing.
Kristy Lee: I’d always liked websites. For me, it works because it combines the art side of things, like design, along with programming, which is math. I’ve always kind of been back and forth between art and math. All growing up, I loved both. Websites puts the 2 of them together. It always just fascinated me and just … I love it. I love doing it. It’s a great industry.

Lindsey: Awesome. To have someone that so passionate about that help you out, help promote your site, help promote your business as well, check out Tell us about just in general, location, hours if they want to stop in, whatever it may be.

Kristy Lee: We’re based out of Breckenridge. My phone number is on the screen there. You can give me a call and set up a time to talk. We can talk about whatever your project is, or whatever you’re working on right now. Yeah, based out of Breckenridge.