If you are starting or have started a business, then you will need to know about branding. Branding is the visual message that represents (or doesn’t represent) your business. It includes your colors, fonts, your logo and any other visual material. It should be versatile, consistent, attractive and memorable. It should attract your target market and should speak about who you are and what you do.

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When beginning this process with a client, I often ask them a series of leading questions to help them work out the basic message of their branding. Often, a potential client has never thought about their message. (And if you have a business, you do have a message.) But how can you clearly communicate that message without knowing what you are trying to say?

The below questions are meant to get the creative juices in your head moving. They will help you put into words that message.

1. Who is your target market?

Who is your average client? Where do they live? How old are they? Are they retiring and thinking about visiting the grandkids or are they in the “sleep when you’re dead” phase of life? Do they have excess money to spend and want luxury or is the bottom line the only line that matters?

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2. What problem do you solve for clients?

What need to you fill? What question do you answer for them? Are you providing the security and stability of your experience? Are you adding adventure and fun to their life? Or are you meeting a basic existential need in their life such as food, water and clothing? If so, what makes your product different from the competitor across the street?

3. Does your client know they need you?

This one is just as important, although often forgotten. Some needs like food and water are obvious. Everyone needs to eat at a restaurant at some point. Other wants, like a new technology or adventure, require some education of the clients. You need to show them why they need or want your service or product.

Think of this as your branding homework. Answer these questions for yourself and see if your current branding fits your answers.

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