Photo Database of Colorado's Wildflowers

If you follow our Instagram or Twitter feed, you know that the crew here at Tandem is all about Colorado. We love the landscape, the mountains and also the flowers. We are proud to live in such a beautiful place and feel lucky to get to see these views every day. We also love design and photography as that’s a part of what we do here. Naturally, we take a lot of photos.

Recently, the obsessive photo taking has taken a more professional direction.

Throughout my hikes, I (Kristylee) have come to recognize a lot of the wildflowers of Colorado, the crowning glory of our wonderful summers. But identifying them? That can be complicated. I’ve had to resort to carrying bulky resource books around with me wherever I go or spending hours googling/guessing after the fact. I realized that there is no good online resource for identifying these flowers!
Hence Colorado’s Wildflowers was born.

We built our own wildflower database. We’ve spent most of the summer building up the database, writing up descriptions and gathering photos. That’s phase 1 and it is currently operational.

Database of the wildflowers of Colorado

We also built a registration system so that we can crowd source the data, opening it up for other wildflower aficionados to add their own entries. This helps us focus on the technical side of things, while continuing to build up the database and add flowers from other areas of the state.

Phase 2 will include a mobile app with proper searching for identification purposes. The goal is to build a tool that you can take with you on your hikes, not only for identifying the flowers, but also for sharing your photos with others.

We’ve had great feedback on the website within the wildflower communities and are excited do share it with all of you. Most of the photos on the site were taken right in Summit County! Feel free to register here or submit your own photos.

View the Colorado’s Wildflowers website.
Register as a user on the Colorado’s Wildflowers website to submit your flowers.
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