Isn’t this the most beautiful time of year? I probably say that every season but this time I mean it! The bright green mountains contrasted against the stark white peaks and the vibrant skies. And if you slow down enough to look around, the wildflowers are blooming everywhere.

The past few years, I’ve made it my mission to learn about the wildflowers that grow in our backyards. The season goes fast, so you have to pay attention and take the time out of your day to enjoy it. Here are a few early season flowers that you are blooming right now in Summit County.

Fairy Trumpets.

These flowers are easily recognizable by their bright orange-red coloring and distinctive shape. They look exactly like the name suggests- a trumpet small enough for a fairy. The red flowers are splayed out towards the sun and often have white markings on the inside.

White bed of flowers


The Alpine Phlox creates beds of white or blue tinted flowers of 5 petals. They tend to grow low to the ground in large groups and give the appearance of mini meadows. The Silverthorne Bike Path has patches of the dotting the sides of the trail.

Early Larkspur

The Early Larkspur has 5 points and is deep blue, almost purple petals. The unique coloring and shape make it easily recognizable although it grows low to the ground and can be easily missed or mistaken for its more aggressive growing friend, the Silvery Penstemon.

Wild Iris

Wild Iris

Wild Irises grow in a few spots in Summit County. They tend to prefer wet and marshy open meadows. They don’t last long so you have to look now! In past years, they were spotted on Aspen Meadow Trail or behind Breckenridge’s Highline Railroad Park, adjacent to the Ice Rink.

White with Yellow Center flower

Mountain Marsh Marigold

These flowers are 1-2 inches in size, with many white petals with pale gray striations, and bright yellow centers. The leaves are dark green and lettuce-like. Look for them growing prolifically along the sides of streams. Some say they have a distinct “stinky” odor.

Pink and yellow inverted flower

Shooting Star

This flower is a little more rare and easily missed, despite its bright coloring. The magenta flower has yellow and white along the bottom and looks like it has been turned inside out. The petals face upward and the bottom comes to a darkly painted point. While a little harder to find, this exotic beauty is worth the effort.

Ok, there were actually 6 in this list. I couldn’t choose between them! If you are interested to learn more, or have a flower you’d like identified, take a look at our database of local wildflowers. To see more Colorado wildflowers, follow us on Instagram at @coloradowildflowers or like our Facebook Page. You can also follow us at @coloradowebdesign for highlights. And we always love hearing about your adventures. Send us photos of your own adventures or flowers you find along the way!

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