How to work your business during the corona lockdowns

Running a small business can be overwhelming. That’s no secret. The “To Do” list only grows and never seems to shrink.

But why not take this downtime caused by the CV closures to work on your business and improve your structure and marketing platforms? Why not use this time to do the things that we think about, but never get around to?

Here are a couple suggestions to improve your business knowledge or grow your business even during these tumultuous times.

1. Get your books in order.

Like sparkling clean. Use this opportunity to reorganize your books and improve your system.

2. Revamp your website.

Read over all your content. Check all your photos. Check your analytics to see where your traffic is going, or leaving. Check your competitor’s sites, to see what they are doing. Start making a list of whatever you’d like to update or change, and work on it item by item.

3. Create an online shop.

An online shop can create passive income, or supplemental income during the business closures, and for years to come. This is a perfect opportunity to set yourself up for a better future.

4. Ramp up your social media game.

Are you slacking on any accounts? Build out your profiles. Engage with your followers. Build a schedule for the upcoming weeks and create a plan going forward. With so many working from home, or out of work, clients are on social media all hours of the day, more than ever. You can take advantage of that!

How to grow your business during the corona lockdowns

5. Research your competitors.

Market research is always relevant. Check out their websites, inventory and anything that makes them unique.

6. Write blog posts to roll out over the next few weeks.

Blog posts are something we always need…but rarely get time to write. Create a topic list, and write 1 a day. Get them scheduled to roll out once a week, or once a month.

7. Deep clean your space.

This one is self-explanatory. Use this opportunity to review how your shop or office is organized. Can the space be reorganized for better efficiency? Do you need to downsize, or add better organization structures?

8. Paint, fix maintenance issues or renovate your shop.

9. Rest.

It’s called the grind for a reason, and we all could use a break. Take it.

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