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#TipTuesday: SEO SERIES #1 – Keywording

For the next few weeks, we are going to do a series of SEO tips, designed for the small business owner to improve their own SEO. Check in each week for your Tuesday Tip: SEO SERIES. For this week’s #tiptuesday, I’d like to discuss keywords. Keywords are the building blocks of your online marketing plan.

How to Log into Your Email in a Browser

On occasion, it is necessary to check your email on a browser. Not only is your email accessible from any computer or location, but the webmail has a ton of extra information and settings that are important.Here’s a quick tutorial on how to check your email in a browser.

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Major WordPress Security Vulnerabilities Found: You MUST Update

2 days ago, WordPress released what they called a “critical security release” for all previous versions. This new release patches a vulnerability that was found in the commenting of WordPress which would allow a potential hacker access to your site. This comes on the heels of several other vulnerabilities found in a whole list of

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