Q. What is a vector image?

A vector image is an image that is created in a program like Adobe Illustrator and is the original design file for your logo or graphic. If you have existing files such as a logo or layout that you would like to use or keep when redesigning your website, we would need the original vector image file. They usually have a file extension of .ai, .pdf or .eps. You may need to contact your original designer to obtain this file.

Q: What is website content?

Website content is the text and images on each page of your website. This does not include the theme such as header, logo or navigation bar. We prefer our clients to write their own content, as who knows your business better than you? If you are uncomfortable writing your own content, a content writer can be hired to write your content. Content is required before we begin coding your site (and after design phase) and should be final content and fully edited.

Q: How long does it take to build a website?

If you are building a full website or website redesign, we suggest 2-3 months from start to finish. If you have an ETA in mind, we can often work with you, although for a very quick turnaround a rush fee is charged.

Q: Will my website work on a mobile phone?

At Tandem Design Lab, we love mobile technology! All of our sites are built using a mobile friendly technology called responsive web design, as we believe mobile traffic is relevant and should not be ignored. (Apparently Google agrees with us.)

Q: What is a content management system?

A content management system, or CMS is the backend for you or other non-techy people to edit your website (if requested). Through this backend you will be able to edit the text, images and photos or pages on your site. If you have a portfolio or a photo gallery, you will be able to add new items. During the website planning meetings, we will discuss with you if you need a CMS and what sections of your site you would like to edit. We will also train you how to use your content management system.

Q: I’m not very techy. Are you sure I will be able to edit my own website?

There is no point in building you a CMS if you aren’t going to use it. We will provide you with how-to docs for the basic activities to editing your website as well as 1 hour training either by phone or in person. We aren’t going anywhere; should you have any questions or problems we will be available to help you. But we don’t think you will need it! All of the sites we build are build with the non-techies in mind so you should have no problem learning how to use your CMS.

Q: What is a domain name?

Your domain name is the URL or address of your website (ex. www.YOURWEBSITE.com). You rent this from a domain registrar. If you do not have a domain, Tandem Design Lab will work with you to choose a domain name that will represent your business, aid in SEO and is available. We can also purchase the domain name of your choice. If you already own the domain name, we will need access to that domain name at the domain registrar before building your site.

Q: What is hosting?

Hosting is the space that you will need to rent on a server to house your website. This is an annual fee, starting when we start coding your website. We do offer hosting services at Tandem Design Lab, although you are not required to use our hosting and may choose another company.

Q: What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is the process of uploading files to your hosting server. In order to build your site on an external hosting service, we will need the username, password and hosting server for your FTP server. When you set up your hosting account, you should receive a login and password for the account. If you no longer have this information or know how to login, you can call the hosting company and request it.

Q: What is cPanel?

If you have an existing hosting service that you would like to use, we will need access to this in order to build your website on it. cPanel is the hosting backend interface to do things such as create email addresses, upload files and modify databases. When you set up your hosting account, you should receive a login and password for the account. If you no longer have this information or know how to login, you can call the hosting company and request it.

Q: How can I pay?

Payment is generally made in 3 parts: 40% upfront and 40% when design is completed, and 20% when the site is completed and before it goes live. You may pay via paypal, credit card or mail a check to the following address: PO Box 2016 Granby CO 80446. First payment is required to begin working on your site.