Step 1: Design- Logo

Tandem Design Lab will meet with you to discuss the general theme of your website, your business, your target market. If you have any existing graphics that you would like to keep, we request them at this time and will incorporate them into the new layout or logo. You may be asked to pick out some websites that you like and give a few points about why you like them.

Armed with info about your business, our team of designers will work up some logo variations for you. You can choose one of the options or a combination of two; we will work with you until everyone is happy.

Your job at this stage: Your knowledge about your business, any existing graphics in vector format, approval on logo.

Step 1b: Design- Layout

Using the chosen logo, we will build a layout.

Your job at this stage: Approval on layout, 3-4 websites you like and why.

Step 2: Coding

This is the stage where we turn the design into a website. The site will be on a temporary page that is not viewable to the general public or easily accessible by search engines. You can begin submitting content at this point to expedite the process.

Your job at this stage: Work with TDL to create a basic sitemap of your website (ie. navigational tabs, list of pages)

Step 3: Content

Once the general template has been built and approved, we begin adding content to the pages and filling out the pages.

Your job at this stage: All FINAL content.

Step 4: Final Revisions and Launch

The site is now built and ready to be moved to its live location. You will have the opportunity to review the site. When all parties have agreed that it is ready, we will make your new site live. We will also train the parties that will be involved with the site in editing content.

Your job at this stage: Approval on site.