How to empty my browser’s website cache

How to Empty the Cache on Your Website Browser

The cache on your website browser is a little picture or memory of all of each website you have visited. Your browser uses this memory to load content faster. However, when your browser is using the cache, you may be missing updated information. The cache also takes up resources. Deleting your cache occasionally will help

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Meet Kristylee Gogolen | CEO, Tandem Design Lab

Our founder, Kristylee, was featured in Denver based magazine, Shoutout Colorado ( We had the good fortune of connecting with Kristylee Gogolen and we’ve shared our conversation below. Hi Kristylee, is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success? Here at Tandem, we operate under the concept that “a rising tide raises

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5 Tips to Take Better Photos for Social Media

5 Tips to Take Better Photos for Social Media Social media photos are essential to attracting an audience, however they can be difficult to capture. You want to showcase your business professionally, but social media also thrives on authenticity. How do you strike the balance between professional and real? Use these five tips to find

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5 Tips to Keep Your Website Secure

Website Security. If you haven’t thought of this, you need to. For most websites, it isn’t a matter of IF you get hacked, but WHEN you get hacked. Most websites will degrade and eventually be susceptible to hacking. We’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep your website secure and spam-free. 1.

Tips for Working from Home

Tips for Successfully Working from Home

Working from home can be rewarding. You avoid traffic and save commuting time, and can have lunch with your family. Your day pajamas can be considered “business casual”. But it also comes with its own set of challenges. Many of these challenges can be surmounted, with a few solid habits. Here’s a few tips and

Small business pivot corona virus

Businesses that Pivot

Practical ways to support and grow your business throughout this period of social distancing.  I’d like to talk about some practical ways you can support and grow your business throughout this period of social distancing and business closures. We all know that this has been devastating for many business owners, and you’ll be hard pressed