Whether your mobile app is a secondary platform to connect with your customers or a mini-business unto it’s own, mobile apps is a place you should be. 50% of the US population has a smart phone, and the majority of their time is NOT spent making calls or browsing the web but on apps. Some studies even project that time spent on apps will soon overtake television viewing!

With mobile apps cutting into time spent on marketing’s bigger markets such as web and television, it’s no surprise why businesses are starting to go where the clients are: MOBILE APPS!

If you are still wondering how a mobile app can help your business or generate revenue, here’s a few ideas.

Mobile App development ColoradoPush notifications. Push notifications are alerts that are sent directly to the phone and are displayed with a banner similar to a text message or missed call. This is a way to put your ad directly at the fingertips of your clients. Let them know about sales! Send loyal customers coupons! These are just a few ideas of the ways you can communicate with your clients.

Mobile App development ColoradoSocial Sharing. Many businesses offer coupons or discounts if a client “checks in” at your location or talks about your business on their personal social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter. There is no better marketing than a recommendation from a friend.

Mobile Apps ColoradoEcommerce. Bring the brick and mortar to the clients! They can browse products directly from their phone, on the go and even order from their phones. Let clients access their accounts, view past orders and receipts directly from their phone. Shopping from their phone cuts down on wait time, overhead for your store, as well as allows shoppers to shop from anywhere, anytime.

Every day creative people are coming up with ways to use apps to generate business and revenue. Call Tandem Design Lab to talk to one of our mobile app experts and discuss some ideas of how a mobile app can help you or your business!