What is a mobile website?

Did you know that mobile phone users were twice as likely to browse the internet than make a call? More and more users are turning to their mobile phones to browse the internet.

Mobile Websites Summit County ColoradoA mobile website is a version of your existing website that is specifically optimized for a mobile viewer. When someone views your website on their phone or tablet, they are directed to your mobile website in place of the standard website.

The mobile device has specific requirements and limitations when displaying a website such as slower download speeds, smaller screens and technological limitations. Without a mobile website, you will force your users to scroll and zoom and in turn, fight to find the content they want!

Mobile Websites Summit County ColoradoGo ahead. Take a look at your website on your mobile phone. Can you easily find the contact info? What about directions? Do you have to scroll or zoom? How long does it take for the site to download? How is the viewing experience of your website changed by viewing on a mobile device?

With the rise of smart phones and tablets, it is increasingly more important to have a mobile website. Call Colorado’s Mobile website guru to discuss your website and how you can best meet the needs of your mobile users.