When people think of videos, they think viral. You’ve all seen it: that cute video of the cat who tries to get into the tiny little box or the diapered toddler singing Beatles songs. But do you think of video marketing as a valuable tool for marketing your small business?

Start thinking about it.

DIY tutorials, product demonstrations, share your local knowledge on YouTube: All these are ways to attract, connect and convert clients.

Video Marketing ColoradoHere’s a few reasons why video marketing via YouTube or Vimeo is an effective marketing tool for small businesses. Video marketing offers a whole new platform for marketing, and one of the most affordable platforms. When someone searches for a keyword related to your business, they are offered content in 3 formats: websites, images and video! With properly optimized videos, you can leapfrog the competition and get your name to the top of search engine rankings!

Secondly, you can capture the “pre-buy searchers” also known as tire-kickers. Long before someone is ready to make a purchase, they will be checking out reviews, watching demonstrations or tutorials on YouTube. By having videos about the product that offer them something useful, you are presenting yourself as the authority on the subject and aligning your product/brand as the top choice.

Video Marketing ColoradoAlong the same lines, video has a way of making a viewer feel like they already know you. It helps create a personal connection with your audience and builds a level of trust and approachability. Having seen your face, knowing that you are knowledgable about the product, they are more likely to come to you when they are ready to take the leap.

Or what about website usability (something we are always talking about here at TDL)? Video and motion graphics adds a whole new method of communicating with your audience. Some people prefer video over written text.

But what to talk about…Video can be intimidating, that is true. It can also be one of the cheaper marketing options. Borrow the neighbor’s goPro. Break out the iPhone. TDL will help out with the content and script and make you an optimized keyword rich video to bring in customers and drive traffic to your website. We will even make the video for you! Call us today to discuss how video marketing can help your small business!