Ashley: Now, currently, Kristy Lee is working on our website here at TV8 Summit. We’ll be able to debut that here for you soon. You should go check it out just to compare because it’s not what we want right now. It’s great to know the different options that we do have. Now, something that we’re setting up with you is going to be our ability to update our videos and our content on a daily basis. Why do feel like it’s important for people to be able to edit their own websites?

Kristy Lee: Right. There’s a couple of reasons. The main one is that Google values websites that have fresh content and that are up to date. They value them higher than just static websites. It’s super important that you are constantly keeping your website current, adding sales, deals.

For this weekend, I was trying to look up about two-for-ones. I couldn’t find a single website that advertised whether or not yes, we do have them, no, we don’t have them because none of the websites are up to date. People want to know what’s going on. That’s the best way to do it. Instead of calling your web developer every week, you can do it yourself.

Ashley: Right. When you sit down with people to help them create the website that they want, you can actually set that up for them.

Kristy Lee: Right, right. Usually we build it in WordPress. It’s WordPress, an open source software, that will allow you to edit your own different sections. You’re not editing the whole website. You can change photos. You can update galleries. You can add new pages and you can add different facets of the website.

Ashley: Right. For us, we’re going to be updating our Summit Sunrise videos and also things with our shows, but really nice to know that you can take control of it. You build the framework and then we get to decorate it, if you will.

Kristy Lee: Right, right. We’ll set it up for you, initially, the first time as well as train you on it and train you how to use it and give you documentation how to use it so you’re not out on your own just figuring it out.

Ashley: For people that are interested, maybe they don’t even have a website, maybe they’d like to do something like that, how do you get started? What’s the first step?

Kristy Lee: Usually, we will sit down with somebody and discuss their project or discuss their business, then work up a plan about what we think based on what you want to do and what we think you can do, how we can improve things that you already have. We’ll do a project consultation to just discuss what’s going to work for you.

Ashley: How does that work? Do you have to pay up front?

Kristy Lee: Right. We do a free project consultation. Just to get you started, you can sit down with us for 30 minutes and we’ll discuss your project and go from there.

Ashley: That’s amazing. Did you guys hear that? Free project consultation. That’s great if you’ve been thinking about it for a little while or you’re just, “I want to tweak this or that.” You can sit down and chat about it first before you have to decide to pay for anything. Something that we did discover with this whole process is it’s a lot more affordable than you might think that it is. Then there’s a lot of different options, too. Maybe people have a website and they’re, “I love my website, but maybe I want a mobile website.” You guys can do that as well.

Kristy Lee: We do that as well, yes. A lot of people, they don’t quite know how to use their website and how to make their website work for them. We can help you with that as well, help you get more traffic, help you convert leads into sales and discuss various ways to make it a more effective website.

Ashley: I’ll tell you what you guys, they’re amazing. Their work is incredible and it’s all local. If you have any questions, make sure you get in touch with Kristy Lee. The best way is how?

Kristy Lee: My website is

Ashley: All right, you guys, check it out. We’ll be right back with more Summit Sunrise.