This past month, Kristylee had the pleasure to team up with the Keystone Science School and volunteer at the Tech Retreat for Girls in STEM with the Keystone Science School.

This was a weekend long event for girls, grades 3-12, aimed to teach them the basics of web development. Many of you may not know, but before I (Kristylee) started KL Creative Design, I was a mentor for at risk youth. This weekend felt like a combining of two of my favorite things: programming and working with teens!

The end goal of the weekend was to produce a working website about a subject of their choice and present it at the Breckenridge Film Fest. With a looming deadline and real people checking their work, the girls were motivated to work hard. They learned how to wire frame their idea, research and write their own content and design their logo. After that they got into the nitty gritty of HTML and CSS coding and created some fantastic projects. This is the stuff that really stretches the brain and forces it to learn new patterns. This weekend was far from easy or relaxing!

Here’s a few of completed projects.

Girls in Stem Tech Retreat

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