Free Stock Photography sites

We all know content curation can be a point of struggle for many a business owner. Graphics in particular can make or break a website’s aesthetic. To help you with the process, I’ve compiled a few stock photography sites that offer free images. Not a bad deal!


This site is one of my favorites. There photos are all free, and tend to be a different style than the traditional stock photography images. Lots of unique static imagery and artistic poses.

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This site is predominentally nature photography- and gorgeous nature photography. Mountains, horses, camping, flowers. If you doing anything involving outdoor sports, this site will be a wealth to you.

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This site has wide variety of photos in many different categories. They also have a paid section.

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Free Stock Photography

Foodies Feed

As the name says, all these images are food. Warning: Don’t read on an empty stomach.

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Death to Stock Photos

This site tends to offer less traditional options as well. A pack of images is sent out once a month, for the price of nothing more an email address. Each pack has a theme. I get the idea that it is a few people hanging out with their friends snapping quality photos. There are lots of “20 somethings in the city” type photos. They might not fit everyone’s needs but solid photos.

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Im Creator

This site has got a vast catalog of photos, templates, icons etc. The photos are arranged by category (which is always helpful but far from the norm) and easy to search and browse.

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Another vast catalog of images. This site has a unique concept and is sort of crowd sourced. Users can upload their own images which are then screened and approved and added to the general collective. If you see a photo or two of the Rocky Mountain wildflowers…

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Free Stock Photography List


Looking for that obscure illustration? This site will have it. Lots of quality photos with unique and interesting messages. I’m not quite sure how I would use them but they are fun to look at. You can easily get lost in browsing through them, and you are likely to since they don’t seem to have any searching capabilities.

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Jay Mantri

Lots of abstract landscapes, textures and walls and unique nature portraits. This site, like many others, has no searching capabilities but produces some good photos nonetheless.

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Barn Images