How many times have you visited YouTube this week? Today?

According to recent statistics, 55% of users have watched a YouTube video today and 80% in the past week. Alexa ranks YouTube as the third most visited website behind Google and Facebook.

Let’s face it, the popularity of YouTube (and its purchase by Google in 2006) has changed the way we browse the internet as well as online marketing. Video marketing is no longer “nice to have”; it’s necessary.

Here’s a few reasons why.

Video Marketing Services in Colorado

Many people prefer video over reading.

Our brains can process the visual images at a faster rate than reading, therefore more information can be communicated, and without the limitations of static text. Because Google is offering standard web links, as well as video links, users that prefer video communication will choose this over a static website.

SEO and video content

Have I mentioned that Google ranks videos separately? Because of this, your video may rank higher for a keyword than your website does! We then optimize your video create brand awareness, product information and drive traffic to your website.

And yes, we do keyword and script out videos for optimal SEO power. We also share it across video-sharing platforms, social media, our blog posts etc. Video is an integral part of online marketing and content marketing.

Humanization of the Brand

I have a good friend in TV. Walking down the street with her can make you feel like an awkward teenager with your mom as she is frequently stopped by “friends”. I once asked her about it and she told me the truth. Because she was seen on TV, people felt like they knew her and frequently approached her. She personally didn’t know a large portion of those people, but they knew her. Video does the same thing for your business. Customers are more comfortable with the brand, they trust it and are more likely to purchase, before ever walking in your door.

Along the same lines, video presents YOU as the expert in your field. Whether you are doing product reviews, tutorials, industry commentary or whatever fits with your business, they will begin to see you as the go-to person in that field.

Video Marketing Services in Summit County Colorado

Video and the Mobile Phone

I was surprised to read that recent stats say people are much more likely to watch videos on the mobile phone, as well as view for up to 5x as long! It seems mobile users prefer video to reading. This may change as more and more mobile optimized sites pop up, but in the meantime, this is a great way to leverage your mobile users.

I don’t have to tell you how valuable this is for brand awareness and marketing. Video marketing can be a form of networking, with a much broader net than you could ever cover yourself.

The possibilities are endless. Here at KL Creative Design, we consider video an integral part of marketing.

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