How to choose a logo

Logos are one of the hardest parts of designing a website. It is usually our starting point, as it is influential to everything else down the line. When done right, a logo is just a part of the whole. When done poorly, a logo will effect every aspect of your business. We also continually see

New Website Launched for Bloom Flower Shop

Bloom came to us wanting to upgrade their online presence with a new design aesthetic. Their floral arrangements are just stunning and our graphic designers wanted to find the best way to display it. We came up with a website layout that was clean and simple, letting their work speak for themselves. After creating a

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What font should I use on my website?

Let’s learn a bit about fonts. There are two main categories of fonts: serif fonts and sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts have small lines attached to the end of the characters, like a small tail or stroke, that give it a bit more flair. Sans-serif is a simpler, cleaner font without any extra added strokes. While

What color should I use on my website?

Branding can be a daunting task for business owners, especially if you are less than design savvy. When deciding how to visually present your business, it usually seems to come down to “well I like the color green?” Here’s something you need to know when branding your business: Your website is not for you. It’s